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Cloud Miner Game

Welcome to Cloud Miner Game!
Cloud Miner is a virtual bitcoin cloud mining service, that allows you to mine real Bitcoins, that you can withdraw to you’re account! Come join this great site and many others who is already earning!

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 Frequently Asked Questions


What is virtual cloud mining?

We use the term “virtual” cloud mining since our system mimic real bitcoin mining, users gets rewarded for how much hashpower (GHS) they have. We have invested in many real mining farms and distribute the profit with you, plus we have a professional team of traders making us more profit that we can share with you!

Why should I trust investing my bitcoins in Cloud Miner?

At Cloud Miner Game we take serious pride in our work, we focus on user experience and also secure investments. We have an excellent investment team that is looking at daily for best availability to buy/sell in the market.

What is the minimum deposit?

You can deposit a small amount of 0.001 BTC (or more) at a time into your account. Look at the Deposit Bonuses, instead of paying directly!

What is the minimum withdrawal?
Our minimum withdrawal is set at 0.001 btc. We do charge a fee of 0.0001 btc to withdraw you bitcoins!

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